The new Nucleus® 5 Remote Assistant

Aaron Hall wants to help Cochlear continue being the leader of global hearing solutions with a simple app.

The Concept

Hello, I'm Aaron, a normal guy in my twenties who loves design, user experience and mobile development. I also happen to be deaf, relying on a Cochlear Nucleus 5 to help me hear. While I love my Cochlear implant, I'm tired of carrying around the bulky Cochlear remote. Together with my wife Melissa, an awesome Cochlear Implant Audiologist, we came up with a mockup design for an iPhone app. Now we just have to convince Cochlear to build it!

Aaron Hall
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Strategy & Approach

We decided that most Cochlear users already felt comfortable with the basic layout of the remote and that would be a good starting point for the design.

Final Designs


Easy to change volume or sensitivity instantly at anytime such as during meetings.


Changing programs and turning on the telecoil or auto telecoil has never been easier.


Easy to check your battery life or testing your microphone status anytime, 24/7, worry-free.


You can personalize your settings, such as changing the microphone capability.


Beautiful icons make the app a pleasure to use, and resonate the spirit of the Cochlear brand.


User interface elements were designed with great attention to detail and focus on aesthetics that are consistent with the Cochlear brand.

What's Next

The next logical step in the process would be to make this app accessible to all current Cochlear users with an iPhone. In order to do this, we have to let Cochlear know that this idea is not only wanted but needed. We have already reached out to them and we are waiting to hear back from them.

If you want to show your support for this concept please share this idea.

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